High Quality CNC Milling

Our customers demand the best so that is what we give them. Our diverse CNC Milling capabilities meet most challenges, quickly and efficiently. Quality as standard, delivery when promised and all for a price you can afford.

About our Milled Components

  • We deliver quality milled components
  • We are a company you can really rely on
  • We will not let you down and work to your schedules
  • We want to earn you trust

Expert CNC have a diverse range of CNC Milling capability, and an approach meaning our customers stay with us.

What ever the industry, quantity or delivery need, Expert CNC are here to help.

Our systems

Bridgeport 1000

1 meter capacity and a rotary axis to machine large, heavy or axial components.

Bridgeport Interact

Flexible, basic and low cost. Particularly suitable for tooling and low volume parts.

Dugard 660

10,000 RPM spindle for high speed material removal without compromise.

Deckel FP3

Provides significant flexibility and precision, ideal for tooling and low volume parts.